Our Guarantee

We offer only the highest quality furniture, kits, and accessories, and we describe them as accurately as possible. If, for any reason, an item does not live up to your expectations, please return it for a replacement, refund, or credit for the full price of the merchandise. We promise to handle any problems promptly and courteously.


The Shakers came from England in 1774 and grew from a membership of nine to approximately 6,000 by 1860, in villages throughout the eastern and central United States. Today, membership is small again, but this does not take away from the lasting mark which generations of Shaker brothers and sisters have made on our American heritage.
No aspect of Shaker history is more important in our minds than their reputation in business. "Their upright dealing and strict honesty, individually and collectively, all persons can testify to who have ever been brought into business relations with them. No Shaker was known to make a false statement in relation to any business transaction whatever." So wrote Charles E. Robinson in his 1893 history of the Shakers.
At Shaker Workshops, we think about this often. We are not Shakers, but we seek to live up to that high standard. We brand our furniture with pride and we guarantee it without hesitation. Please let us know if you find it to be otherwise.


Motto used by Brother
Simon Atherton.
Harvard Massachusetts
Shaker Village

Shaker Sampler - A Good Name is Better Than Riches