Privacy Policy

Our postal address is:
Shaker Workshops
14 South Pleasant St
Ashburnham, MA 01430

We can be reached via email at:

Or you can reach us by telephone at: 1.978.827.9900

Our web server, automatically collects the IP Address of each visitor's internet service provider. They do this for all the domains they host. However, this information does not reveal your individual identity in any way. No individual information is collected or recorded by Shaker Workshops® unless you provide it to us through a form on our web site. Our shopping cart uses session cookies (small bits of data used for the duration of a session between the web server and your browser) to provide our customers with a user-friendly checkout process. Credit card information is never part of the session cookie. You can still use our web site if you do not accept cookies. On our site the session cookie remains active for one day before it expires and is deleted from the web server. Information from the session is not collected or saved. As soon as the session expires all session cookie information is destroyed.

When you request a catalog or place an order on the Shaker Workshops® web site, you are given the opportunity to mark a box which gives you the clear choice of indicating either that you do want to receive special offers by email or that you do not want to receive special offers by email. Shaker Workshops® collects the email addresses of only those individuals who have given us permission to contact them by email. Shaker Workshops® does not share the email addresses it has collected, or provide information about our database to anyone for any reason.

If you have given us permission to send you special offers by email, you may withdraw that permission at any time for any reason. Simply contact us at the email address above.

As a result of requesting a catalog or placing an order on our web site, you will be added to our mailing list and will receive the Shaker Workshops® catalog from time to time during the year. If you no longer wish to receive the Shaker Workshops® catalog, please let us know by regular mail, email, or by telephone. Be sure to include the "SW" number at the top of the address block on your catalog, as well as your full name and address. If you should receive additional catalogs, please contact us directly.

Shaker Workshops® does occasionally exchange the names and mailing addresses of the buyers on its mailing list (but not email addresses) with other mail order catalogs whose products are similar in quality to ours, for a one-time use. This helps us grow. However, if you do not want us to exchange your name and address, just mention this when you order, or contact us by regular mail, email, or by telephone.

We ask you to provide your telephone number when you order for two reasons: 1) if we have questions about your order or UPS cannot deliver your order, and 2) to prevent credit card fraud. Shaker Workshops® does not contact any customers for purposes of telemarketing, or share its customers' telephone numbers with anyone for any reason.

We welcome your comments about our Privacy Policy.