Shaker Tree Of Life Framed Print


This Shaker drawing, known as the "Tree of Life," is the most famous of the all Shaker "gift drawings." To the Shakers, fruit-bearing trees represented the unspoiled loveliness of the Garden of Eden. It was painted at Hancock Shaker Village in 1854. This is a limited edition serigraph (silk screen print) on acid-free paper of the original. It is framed under glass in a solid cherry wood frame. Frame is finished with hand-rubbed oil and wax. Framed size is 26" wide x 21" high. Ready to hang. Made in USA.

"City of Peace Monday July, 3rd 1854.
I received a draft of a beautiful Tree pencil'd on a large sheet of paper bearing ripe fruit. I saw it plainly; it looked very singular and curious to me. I have since learned that this tree grows in the Spirit Land. Afterwards the spirit shew'd me plainly the branches, leaves and fruit, painted or drawn upon paper. The leaves were check'd or cross'd and the same colors you see here. I entreated Mother Ann to tell me the name of this tree: which she did Oct. 1st 4th hour P.M. by moving the hand of a medium to write twice over Your Tree is the Tree of Life.
Seen and painted by, Hannah Cohoon."

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Shaker "Tree of Life" Framed Print

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