Shaker Hanging Shelves
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Ready To Ship Furniture
Our normal delivery time for Assembled and Finished Furniture is 3-4 weeks because it is made to order, in the customer's choice of stain or paint colors. However, we do make up selected pieces in advance, ready for immediate shipment. These pieces are first quality and are unconditionally guaranteed.

Shaker dwellings and shops abounded in utility shelves of various designs. This useful example was made in the mid-19th century. Like the original, we make these with leather thongs for hanging them from pegrail. We make these in clear Eastern white pine. Shaker Hanging Shelves measure 27" wide x 25" in height. The individual shelves are approximately 5", 6", and 7" deep.

Hanging Shelves are shown in Medium Stain with a low luster lacquer finish. They are in stock for immediate shipment.

Shaker Pegboard specially cut to accommodate our Hanging Shelves is available separately. Clear Eastern white pine, 3 1/2" wide, with beautifully beaded edges. 36" long, with 5 pegs.

Stock #
Shaker Hanging Shelves
Medium Stain / Lacquer Finish
Finished—Ready to Ship
$222.50 ($18.)     
Pine Shaker Pegboard, 36" with 5 pegs
Medium Stain / Lacquer Finish
Finished—Ready to Ship
$50.00 ($5.)